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PostSubject: SERVER RULES!   Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:21 pm

Fun Maps Server Rules
1) Be respectful to other players
2) Be respectful to all kinds of religions. Believe what you want and don't abuse what the others believe.
3) Racism/Prejudice is not tolerated.
4) Hacking or cheating of any kind is not allowed.(immediate permanent ban)
5) Mic-spamming is not allowed. Use of other languages that not English on mic is also considered mic-spam.
6) Advertising of any kind is not allowed.
7) Inappropriate sprays (pornographic, racist, etc) is not allowed.
Cool Begging for admin is not allowed
9) Making up your own rules is not allowed.
10) Threatening other players is not allowed. (ex. life threat, cyber mobbing)
11) Admins are not allowed to spam Csay/Tsay.
12) Admins are not allowed to use restricted weapons.
13) Admins must make a vote before changing the map.
14) Admins are not allowed to weapon other people in the server.
15) Admins cannot use: Godmode, Noclip, Teleport, Gravity, Speed, Unlimited ammo etc.
16) No one is allowed to ban non-hackers for more than 2 days. If a non-hacker evades his ban, keep banning him for 2 days until he serves his time in full. Special cases must be discussed in the forums and decided on if a longer ban is necessary.
17) Use common sense, just have fun and don't try to hinder anyone elses ability to have fun in our servers.
18) Dot play another server if you admin or member of [TTS] or Left Clan!!!
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