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 forum rules!

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PostSubject: forum rules!   Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:21 pm

Forum Rules
1) Be respectful to other users
2) Racism or any sort of personal attacks or discrimination are not welcome in the forum. Insistence on violation of this rule after warned will result in a 2 days forum ban.
3) Advertisement of any kind by our users is not allowed in our forum. If found advertising you will be forum banned for 2 days.
4) Indecent posts (pornographic, extreme violence, etc.) are not allowed. Violating this rule will lead to its deletion and its poster to be warned, repeating to violate this rule will result in a 2 days forum ban.
5) Spamming (consecutively posting the same or similar content multiple times) and flooding (repeatedly posting new messages with no point other than flood the boards) is not allowed. You will be warned if doing so, ignoring such warnings will result in a 2 days forum ban.
6) Stay on topic. Do not drive a thread from its original theme when replying. If found going off-topic too much you will be warned to stop. Persisting in such behavior will lead to a 2 days forum ban.
7) Threads made in the "Admin & Staff Abuse", "Report Cheaters & Other Offenses" and "Unban Requests" should only concern its original poster, the people involved (reported players/admins, appointed witnesses, etc.) and proper admins and staff members. Do not create unnecessary posts by replying to such threads unless they involve you directly. If found spamming those threads you will be warned, failing to obey those warnings will result in a 2 days forum ban.
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forum rules!
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